Oshun mom from abundance dominates this area off lives; motherhood, wide range, and love

The third house our house out-of duality, harmony, communication, high-energy is Gemini ruled from the Mercury. The cosmic twins of your own Yoruba pantheon this new Ibeji; take over in this region out of life they are ying and you may yang, positive and negative powers present in this every life.

This new fourth house pertains to items surrounding our home. Maternal, defensive, nurturing and you may instinctual; functions dominate in Cancer tumors governed because of the moonlight. They are features of new Orisha Yemoja, Orisha of the ocean, whoever ebb and disperse of the tides is due to this new moonlight that is a feature out-of the woman too.

The second house our house from procedure property and money is actually Taurus influenced of the Venus the deity off like; inside Yoruba pantheon Orisha of the canals ponds and all sorts of authorities out-of fresh-water

The fresh new fifth house Leo influenced from the sunrays; property of delight romance, college students, and more than of the many invention in all respects off lives. Here the newest lights of your own sun is reflectant of your own skills of Orumila the Orisha away from destiny which lies by top from Oludumare the new blogger jesus of the Yoruba.

The newest half dozen household Virgo a house out-of performs, wellness, and you may solution ruled of the Mercury. Outside of the Yoruba pantheon regarding Orisha it is Esu Orisha of your crossroads who’s guilty of correspondence in almost any aspect out of life amongst the Orisha, this new forefathers, boy, and you can Oludumare. Their realm of existence lies between your spirit community in addition to thing globe. His domain name is in the crossroads; if the sunrays moonlight or world crosses over towards the a different zodiac signs to assert a certain determine. This is an element of Esu, trying to make sure the other Orisha can serve the objectives. He is known as the fresh divine live messenger the most important Orisha when you look at the pantheon. His dictate can certainly be found in the third family just like the better.

The new seventh family from partnerships try a home regarding balance and you will harmony; an attribute regarding Libra who is governed of the Venus. Oshun relishes into the elegance, charm, elegance, art, attraction charisma and you may subtlety. She is new Yoruba goddess of love.

Here is another domain from Oshun you to drops inside domain off love, romance and you can relationship

The 8th domestic out-of Scorpio ruled from the Pluto this might be a family regarding pure power. Scorpio the most powerful astrology signs could it be one inquire the warrior Orisha Oya, plus datingmentor.org/married-dating-new-york-ny the violent storm deity of Yoruba reigns over that it eighth domestic off transformation, regeneration, death, intercourse reincarnation, and other peoples money; inheritances and funding. This woman is the fresh hurricanes one function on the West coast from Africa take a trip along side Atlantic which have winds that creating between seventy so you’re able to 2 hundred kilometers an hour, she’s the newest tornados and you will twisters one uproots woods and you will properties. She is the only push within characteristics with the feature to improve the face of planet out of her harmful wind gusts. Which effective Orisha is even guilty of holding the comfort regarding the new freshly departed into spirit industry. Into the Nigeria it’s Oya just who reigns over the business set. In a number of components of Nigeria she’s Oya of your Niger River; a force within nature getting known, and you will a more solid warrior trait whenever invoked to combat to possess ladies legal rights.

The latest ninth house the fresh new domain from Sagittarius; a location regarding higher education, religion, thinking, and you may divine law; ruled from the Jupiter the entire world from expansion, progress, and you will chance ‘s the prominent muscles within our space as well as the sunrays. This would be the new Yoruba’s planetary equivalent out-of Obatala the father of your Orisha; owner of the white cloth, he is new love and you will lighting effects from the their zenith, new Orisha from knowledge and you may intelligence, governing brand new physical body their domain name is perhaps all light drinks regarding you, brand new skeletal framework, and also the attention.

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